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Featured Perspectives are written for and published alongside relevant news articles across Versa’s premium publisher network. Appearing in context forges an indelible association for your brand and engages new supporters.


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Advocacy organizations, communications firms, CEOs, political candidates and think tank scholars are just a few of the kinds of experts using Featured Perspectives to engage a primed, captive audience to present a point of view.


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Great content inspires conversation. Organizations see incredible success with their sponsored quotes, and engagement rates more than 300X that of traditional display ads.

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Use quotes from your blog posts, whitepapers, tweets and more, and publish them in relevant news articles as your Featured Perspective.

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    1. Select your quotes and define your targeting parameters

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    2. Your quotes appear on contextually-relevant articles

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    3. Influence your target audience and drive engagement.

Pay Only for Results

Organizations with budgets of all sizes are using Featured Perspectives. Perspectives are priced per viewable impression, which means you only pay for the readers who actually engage with what you have to say.


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Not all traffic is made equal. Tap into Versa’s premium publisher network, reaching over 40M unique visitors a month, and build your brand with a targeted and, most importantly, engaged audience.

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